Dental Spacers

Orthodontic devices such as dental spacers are critical for good health and a beautiful smile. If you're wondering whether you or your child could benefit from this treatment, Groves Orthodontics is here to help. Our dental spacer services in Southlake, Texas, enable families to benefit from straight and healthy teeth.

What Are Dental Spacers?

Dental spacers are orthodontic devices made of acrylic or metal that separate your teeth at the right intervals to promote a healthy smile. These appliances typically benefit children by holding their teeth in place after their baby teeth fall out. The spacers ensure there is room for their permanent teeth to grow in properly.

Spacers for teeth can also help adults as they preserve space in the mouth while you wait for a prosthetic.

Are Separators Always Needed?

While you can choose to skip dental spacers, these devices have several benefits:

  • Improving health: Without spacers, you may experience issues such as crowding, which is when your teeth are too close together and overlap. Using spacers for your teeth helps prevent the various problems that come with crowding, including tooth decay, gum disease, plaque buildup and uneven enamel wear.
  • Saving money: Spacers help prevent the need for further orthodontics treatments like braces and retainers.

Are Dental Spacers Painful?

Dental spacers have a painless installation. While there may be slight discomfort as the teeth shift, over-the-counter pain medication can assist. Eating soft, cold foods can also help ease the minimal strain.

How Dental Spacers Are Installed

To install dental spacers, orthodontists first insert a rubber band over the tooth next to the gap to slightly move it away from the other teeth. This step prepares your mouth for the long-term appliance. Once there is enough space, your orthodontist will cement a fixed dental spacer in your mouth or provide a removable device.

Once your permanent teeth erupt or your orthodontist installs the prosthetic, you will no longer need the separators.

Caring for Dental Spacers

Spacers for teeth require maintenance like all other dental devices. Some helpful care tips include:

  • Leave the device alone: Playing with your dental spacers with your fingers or tongue may cause it to shift, reducing its efficiency and possibly causing discomfort.
  • Eat appropriate foods: Sticky foods like caramel apples and toffee may dislodge your dental spacer, so only eat foods that won't affect it.
  • Brush and floss: Continue your regular teeth maintenance with one exception — avoid flossing the tooth that has a rubber band spacer. Once you have the more permanent device, however, you can floss normally.

Why Partner With Groves Orthodontics?

At Groves Orthodontics, we believe in consistent, personalized care. That's why we have one location and one orthodontist to ensure we focus entirely on your needs. Our resident orthodontist, Dr. Ron Groves, has helped patients transform their smiles for over 20 years. Our goal is to help you feel special and achieve your dream smile with the assistance of our skilled and friendly team members.

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